Wizards gave us this Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Preview Card to break cEDH with #MTGDND MTG

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Wizards gave us a Dungeons & Dragons Adventures in the Forgotten Realms PREVIEW CARD!!! You KNOW we had to jam it into one of the best best decks in the meta and show you a possible scenario of how its could break the whole format wide open! Thank you Wizards for sending us that sweet sweet preview content, and thank you to our guests Sage of Fables and Moderately Anonymous MTG for helping us put this together. #mtgdnd

In case that "possible" and "Could" snuck by you, THIS GAME IS A PARODY.

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cEDH is hard. Playing it live is even harder. We are all human, and we've all made Misplays. Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch them. Sometimes we aren't. If you are watching close enough to that you see one, THANK YOU. It means the world that you care enough to pay attention. Stop by live and point 'em out as they happen sometime! We would love to see you! If you truly feel the need to mention it in a comment, how about you also share a Misplay YOU'VE made! And if you got directed here by a response to a comment you already made, I applaud your diligence.
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