Wise Owl Answers - How do I copy data without using copy and paste in Excel VBA?

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Copying and pasting data is the standard way to move information between cells in Excel but did you know that you can transfer data without using copy and paste in Excel VBA? This video explains how to perform this feat by assigning the values of a range to another range. As a bonus, the video shows you how to loop through the worksheets collection, copying the data from each one to build a master list.

00:00 The Question
01:10 Copying to a Destination
02:54 Copy and PasteSpecial
03:50 Assigning a Range to another Range
04:43 Assigning a Block of Cells to Another Block
05:53 Setting the Size of the Destination Range
06:53 Looping Through the Worksheets Collection
08:41 Referring to the Source Range
12:10 Techniques for Building a List
15:00 Referring to the Target Range
18:20 Assigning the Source Range to the Target Range
19:23 Getting the Column Headings
22:14 Tidying the Result

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