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Do New Mexicans put chile on everything?

Does everyone in New Mexico have a state flag tattoo?

And has the whole population seen a UFO?

We’ll get to all that stuff and a whole lot more! So grab a chimichanga and a margarita - we’re gonna unbox the state of New Mexico!

Oooh. Where are we? Looks like a kitchen. Someone is making green chile bean and rice stuffed carne adovada sopapillas with cheese. But this isn’t just ANY green chile bean and rice stuffed carne adovada sopapillas with cheese. These are NEW MEXICAN green chile bean and rice stuffed carne adovada sopapillas with cheese.

But it’s New Mexico, we should get out of the kitchen. More on the food later. After all, this state is glorious outside, pal.

New Mexico isn’t JUST amazing food. It’s really pretty out there, too. A quarter of New Mexico is forested, which you probably didn’t know. But it’s a lot more than that. The terrain’s pretty diverse. There’s large mountain ranges and barren deserts and beautiful plains and even caves!

It’s actually the 5th largest state by size, but only 35th in population, and there’s only 17 people per square mile. So there’s a lot of space. Which is good in today’s America.

As we’ll see it’s a very misunderstood state and one with a lot of state pride. There are all sorts of various regions of interest, some of which are super culturally rich. Others are vast and isolated. Many are plain rundown, but more on that later, too. To really get to know New Mexico, we have to see all the different areas one by one, and then we can understand this state a lot more.

This is New Mexico.

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Chiles By Christopher Holden from Albuquerque, United States - Ristras, CC BY-SA ,

Making food

Carlsbad New Mexico: Rusty78609:

Roswell New Mexico By J Dykstra - Personal photo, Public Domain,

UFO Museum By AllenS - Own work, Public Domain,

Roswell sign By Blurz - Own work, CC BY-SA ,

Taos By I, Zeality, CC BY ,

Santa Fe

Jewelry By Silverborders - Own work, CC BY ,



Albuquerque Bad Hoods: CharlieBo313:


Las Cruces

New Mexico food

Mexican food

Hobbs, New Mexico: Clip Courtesy BigRigTravels:

Red Chile enchiladas By Eugene Kim - , CC BY ,

Green chile cheeseburger By Chitrapa - Own work, CC BY-SA ,

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