Trial Mountain: Gran Turismo 1 to Gran Turismo 7

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In preparation for the launch of Gran Turismo 7, join me as take a look at the evolution of Trial Mountain from the original Gran Turismo, all the way to Gran Turismo 7, as we collate all the information we can get from the game's trailer so far.

Trial Mountain has been with us right from day one, and it went on to appear in multiple Gran Turismo games, with its last appearance to date being Gran Turismo 6, as it wasn't present on Gran Turismo Sport.

However, the classic course has been renovated for Gran Turismo 7, and it'll make its long-awaited return next year!

10 tracks that should return to Gran Turismo 7:

Music: Kid Quasar - Insight:

Kids Fly - Ensemble Dissonance:

Thumbnail credit: Toyota SPRINTER TRUENO 1986:

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