Tina Kunakey’s imaginary adventures in Valentino I Vogue Paris X Valentino

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Tina Kunakey dreams of her life before: the gentle bounce of the metro or the glistening flicker of a cinema screen. Confined to her home, the weeks blend into one. But thanks to Valentino, dreams can come true as the wife of Vincent Cassel plays out the scenarios of her imagination, dressed in designs by PierPaolo Piccioli with the Valentino Garavani Roman Stud on her arm, narrated by Loïc Prigent.

Director - Alice Kong
Narrated by Loïc Prigent
Director of Photography - James Coote
Stylist - Virginie Benarroch
Stylist Assistant - Livia Dumenica Rossi
Hair/Makeup - Harold James
Production - PARTIZAN / Vogue Paris
1st AD - Laetitia Snaoui
Set Design - Anaïs Profit
Gaffer - Baptiste Malbéqui
1st AC - Gustin Guillaume
Production Assistant - Zélie Delétrain

Shot in the Brach hotel



• Une Fille, Un

• Get Ready With

• Vogue

• My Beauty

• Vogue

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