The Most Fun CLASSIC Extreme Demon In Geometry Dash

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NOSTALGIA WEEK is now officially over for this year. Ending it with Retention by Woogi1141. I had a lot of fun looking back on some levels and trends this time around. Looking back at my own levels from back in 2014, to looking back on the classic nine circles levels. All across the board, very very fun. Maybe next year, you guys can give me some ideas for what to do for nostalgia week. Either way, starting tomorrow we go back to the normal uploads with more recent levels, starting off with Not so recent level with my Killbot completion! I beat killbot like 5 days ago now, but I asked on twitch if people would want to see the upload during nostalgia week or if I should wait, and people voted to wait, so the video is coming tomorrow! And on Tuesday (february 9th) I'm uploading a "How To Beat: KILLBOT" video, so more people can give it a try, as I believe that it is the absolute best extreme demon in the game.

Level: Retention
Creator: Woogi1141
Song: Multex - Gravity

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My Top 10 Geometry Dash Completions (pointercrate)
1. Cybernetic Crescent -
2. Yatagarasu -
3. Digital Descent -
4. Stalemate Redux -
5. Artificial Ascent -
6. Bausha Vortex -
7. Carcano -
8. Black Blizzard -
9. Dolos -
10. Subsonic -

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