The Kids' New Clubhouse !!!

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Something special is being delivered today! The kids are having a brand new play house built for our backyard and it has been quite the challenge to get it placed on to it's foundation because of all of the trees and other landscaping to navigate around. After a while though, everything fell into place just perfectly and the kids got right to work decorating and moving in. We hope you all had an amazing holiday season and we are looking forward to what 2021 has in store for us.

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Music credits:
Betty Sue - BENSON
Island Coastline Drive - PALA
Treblemaker - Alternate Endings
Because Of You - SOLO
Bus Won't Stop - Famous Cats
In The Zone - Basketcase
Hang Around - Abloom
Beach Vibes Inside - Basketcase
Powdery Piggyback - Isaac Joel
When I'm With You - Nitro
Broad Steps - BRASKO
Lucky Ones - Ghost Beatz
Only The Brave Run Wild - Sounds Like Sander
Storybook Shuffle - Dreamlamp
Ethereal Morning - Drew Henmi
Ways To Wish - Gold Coast
Sackboy a big adventure
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