The Best Boom Beach War Factory Guide for Dec 10/2020

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Today zmoT's Level 46 (HQ18) takes on the Boom Beach event that is War Factory for December 10, 2020 with no statues boosted - primarily using gbe (artillery/barrage and Boom Beach Universal Remote) attacks combined with level 18 smokey zookas. This is the weekly Boom Beach War Factory 90 base, if you need the War Factory 45 video please ask or search my videos! Wondering how to beat war factory boom beach? You've come to the right place! Careful with your boom beach hacks!

The Boom Beach Frontlines play testers have been announced and now I am one of them!

► The Boom Beach Proto Mega Crab is done! It's December!

Boom Beach Warships Season 17 is a bloodbath!

► Unboosted guide using XP46 and XP68. Boom Beach HQ23 is here and we have new prototype defenses on war factory! Boom Beach Party Island is dead!!

Using a mixture of 3 different approaches. Boom Beach Scorchers are always a good time if you've got them. Boom Beach zookas win the day.

Very similar to my Lazy Man's guide; however, low level troops, weaker gbe attacks and no critters. More planning required and things don't always go so well. The best walkthru strategy guide on all of YouTube! If you're looking for how to beat war factory 90 you've come to the right place!

► Tried to use the Boom Beach Hack this time around but there were no good options! Universal Remote way easier than using a Boom Beach Hack APK (good way to lose your account)

#warfactory #boombeach #thursdaymorning

Let me know how you take this down, improvements you made, what level you are and if this was your first time! boom beach creator code link below!

Can't stress it enough, stay away from anything boom beach hack related. Lots of them published right now, none are real! boom beach hack apk 2020, boom beach mod apk 2020, boom beach mod apk, boom beach hack,boom beach hack apk, boom beach hack 2020 are all bs that want to steal your account and get you banned!

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**TF List:**

???? Triangle Nine ???? 25 man (MA)

♿ Fat Fingers ???? 5 man (Leaderboard)

???? Deca Nine ???? 10 man (DE)

???? SevenEight Nine ???? 10 man (FT)

???? Baby Nine????25 man (CC-DC)

???? Delta Nine ???? 25 man (CP/CC)

???? Junior Nine ???? 25 man(FT/SH)

???? Infant Nine ????25 man(Sour grapes)

⭐️ Novice Nine ???? 25 man (Mambo)

✌ zmoT (anon moose)
God of War
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