'The Ancient Future Now' with Andrew and Martina - Adventures Into Reality 'LIVE' February 9th, 2021

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Join the #GreatConversation as #MartinaGrubmueller & #AndrewBartzis talk about living life beyond the effects of #adrenaline and #stress in Todays Adventures Into Reality 'LIVE' February 9th, 2021'

To connect with Andrew:
Facebook: Andrew Bartzis @GalacticHistorian
Instagram: @andrewbartzisgh
YouTube: Galactic Historian

To connect with Martina:
Facebook: @Syncholisticyoga
Instagram: @syncholistic_mgrubmueller
YouTube: martina grubmueller

Check out Andrew’s courses and teachings at including the "Living the Mystical Life Daily Online Course", and the "Hacking the Hologram Teaching Series, with Psychic Defense 1 & 2”.

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Adventures Into Reality is where Andrew take calls while accessing the Akashic Records and his life's journey, answering your long-awaited questions to further understanding of YOUR life and for those listening.

Thank you for joining in this work, which is about you and your life!

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Show Date: February 09, 2021
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