The £1300 AFDD consumer unit

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My last word on AFDDs. Until next time. There’s very strong language in this one and if you don’t like that, try spending over 1300 quid on AFDDs, then spending three weeks of your spare time at the busiest time of year for the business making a video with hundreds of audio and visual assets, a 12,000 word script and next to no helpful information provided by the manufacturers unless you ask for it or scrabble around in dark and funny-smelling corners of the internet. This hasn’t been fun, and I don’t care that you don’t like it. Also, I know it’s boring – it’s a video about AFDDs; what were you expecting, A FREAKIN’ CAR CHASE? Who are you? Why are you even here??

My previous video on AFDDs:
That American video on Eaton AFCIs:

The good folks at eFixx and their teardown video:

A nifty Beama guide I came across:

Ambulance scene courtesy of the British Emergency channel

Where to find (often hard to find) AFDD indicator status info:

Clipsal (Schneider):



The CEF brands have downloadable user instructions at point of sale.

My thanks to regular comment contributor MathMan for the following links:

History of American AFCIs

The Klein AFCI tester:

The scene from Airplane 2: The Sequel is courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

My apologies again for having to suck my principles up my ass and fist mid-rolls into this one and for any commentors I neglected to mention.
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