Test Your IQ | Brawl Talk SQUEAK, BELLE, and NEW SKINS Update Quiz!

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Test your IQ and see how much you know about the new Brawlers SQUEAK and BELLE as well as all the new skins in the coming update. How many can you get correct? Comment below your score!

This Brawl Stars IQ Test tests your knowledge of the new Brawlers Squeak and Belle, as well as most of the other things coming in the new Brawl Stars update mentioned in Brawl Talk. These include new amazing skins, like Amber de la vega, Archvillain Bea, Goldhand Belle, DIY Surge, new True Gold skins, Neko Bea, Gunslinger Colt, Lantern Sandy, Marshal Ruffs, Misfortune Tara, Quickdraw Edgar, Saloon 8-bit, and much more! What color is Amber's hanging sphere? What hat does Edgar wear? Will Ryan ever return?
This is not a typical Brawl Stars quiz, rather, it is a Brawl Stars IQ test designed to see your knowledge of the game.

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