TEKKEN 7 - LIVE STREAM #4 [with tsuki_san1] - Ranked Battles, Play Together (with commentary)

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Welcome, newcomers! I'm a gamer currently playing on PS4 and focusing on my favourite games. I do live streams, online gameplay, story modes and create trailers. I mainly play Tekken and Marvel's Spider-Man but am open to suggestions.

REALLY sorry for the background noise at the beginning, I didn't realise my stream volume was playing from my phone.

I haven't done a live stream in months but if you guys enjoyed this one, it may be more regular. It is an easier method of uploading content too cause I don't have to edit anything.

0:00 - Xiaoyu vs Alisa (Ranked)
10:50 - Xiaoyu vs Xiaoyu (tsuki_san1)
24:54 - Xiaoyu vs Alisa (tsuki_san1)
38:15 - Anna vs Alisa (tsuki_san1)
1:07:40 - Zafina vs Alisa (tsuki_san1)
1:21:20 - Xiaoyu vs Kazuya (Ranked)

#tekken7 #tekkenlive #xiaoyu
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