Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 E1 - Fan-Fic Story

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Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 E1 - Fan-Fic Story
What If Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 ?

Today's fan fiction story we continue Spider-Men Across The Multiverse with my take on season 3 of Spectacular Spider-Man.

This is a fan fiction story that connects with my other Spider-Men Across The Multiverse stories so please make sure to check those out so you are up to date with the bigger story going on in the background.
If you did enjoy my take on the 1st episode of Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 E1 do make sure to request what you would like to see in the comments down below.

I will be continuing Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 on this channel so there will be tons of episodes to come. This is a fan fiction story and not an official take on the cartoon this is just my version of what I think would of happened.




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Spider-Men Across The Multiverse Recap
During the 1st episode of Spider-Man The Animated Series Season 6 Episode 1 Spider-Man and Madam Web were teleported into new universes after experiencing a weird glitch.

Madam Webs chair had been hacked by a mysterious Spider-Man The New Animated Series part 1 and 2 took place a week after the events with Spider-Man throwing Indy off of the ledge.

Spider-Man gained the symbiote fighting kingpin and finally brining justice to his Uncle's killer. Spider-Man removed the symbiote after fighting daredevil and they would team up. The city would forgive Spider-Man and he would defeat Mysterio. Spider-Man after defeating Mysterio saw something strange as the 1994 version of Mary Jane fell into his Earth.

She was saved by Spider-Man. 1994 Spider-Man traveled to the 2003 universe finding MJ but what he also found was an old enemy. Madam Webb had been teleported somewhere else somewhere Spectacular

Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 E1 - Fan-Fic Story
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