"Shreyas" (Demon) by WerewolfGD | Geometry Dash 2.11

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It's been a while since I last uploaded or even played a WerewolfGD level. Like usual, it's a really solid effect level with great color usage. I really like the subtle color combinations inside the blocks mixed with so much white. He calls it a "filler level" in the description, which I guess means he's working on something bigger and even better. While this is a really solid level like I said earlier, it does use the same masking effect throughout the whole thing, which is a bit repetitive even though it looks good. The designs, decorations, and colors used from part to part do keep it interesting enough, though. It's fairly enjoyable to play as well, so I think this will get an Epic rating, and it will probably be an Easy Demon.

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Game (version): Geometry Dash ()
Level: Shreyas by WerewolfGD
ID: 68162744
Music: Super Cat by DJStriden

Thumbnail by Erdyuri:
Outro by th31:

Demons Souls
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