Raspberry Pi Camera Group Test

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Raspberry Pi Camera group test, comparing the ZeroCam, Raspberry Pi Camera V2, and the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera.

The cameras reviewed in this video are available from Adafruit (US), The Pi Hut (UK) and Pimoroni (UK) as below. Please note that these are NOT affiliate links, that I purchased all hardware shown, and that I have no association with these companies.

ZeroCam (The Pi Hut / UK):

Zero Spy Camera equivalent (Adafruit):

Raspberry Camera Module :
(Adafruit / US)
(The Pi Hut / UK)

Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera:
(Adafruit / US)
(Pimoroni / UK)

16mm lens for HQ CameraL
(Adafruit / US)
(The Pi Hut / UK)

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00:36 Contenders
03:20 ZeroCam
07:13 Raspberry Pi Camera V2
11:17 Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera
17:55 Wrap
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