PS5 Review: The Future of Gaming Is Here, but Is There a Catch?

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PS5 price in India starts at Rs. 39,990 for the PS5 Digital Edition and Rs. 49,990 for the disc version. PS5 has launched in India but stocks are in short supply at the time of making our PS5 review video. Should you buy the PS5 in India right now? We attempt to answer that question through this video. In our PS5 review, you will also see PS5 vs PS4 Pro game comparison, where we show you how games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Cyberpunk 2077, FIFA 21, and many more look on both consoles. You can see visual upgrades offered by PS5's performance, and performance RT modes too and see for yourself whether the new console is worth buying. Can you play PS5 games on a PS4? Can you use DualShock 4 with PS5? Is DualSense the best controller you can buy right now? We answer all of that and much more.

0:00​ Introduction
0:47 Design
1:45​ Controllers
3:37​ PS5 vs PS4: Game Comparison
6:51​ Upcoming Games
7:15​ Pros and Cons

Anchor: Akhil Arora (​)
Video Editor: Robin John ()
Cinematographer: Aneesh Arora ()

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