Ouija Macc - Demon Seed (Official Music Video)

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-Video Credits-
Directed By: Ouija Macc
Edited by: Dylan Odonovan
Creative Direction: Laney Chantal
SFX Make-up: Laney Chantal
Whitey PPG
Lil Tear Deer
Alpha Ali
Bun Bun.

Audio Credits:
Prod by: Devereaux

Stop saying I look like Nascar Aloe fat lil No i am not ITSOKTOCRY with down syndrome. I am not Icy Narco cousin' Flamey Narco or Lil Pump possessed by satan. I am not a character from the movie Gummo or the deformed 3rd sibling of the ATL Twins. Thank you. Also if you're reading this Like & Subscribe to the channel!! Preorder "DIRTBAG" on itunes store app and presave on spotify *RIGHT NOW*. As usual, Ask me questions in the comments I will answer 17 of them *lOVE yOU.*
Demons Souls
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