NEW! UK Driving Test 2021: What To Expect On The Day

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What happens on the day of your driving test

This video details everything you need to know about the day of your driving test and hopefully make you feel less anxious about your driving test day.

Frequently asked questions that are answered in this video: What happens before the driving test? Does my driving instructor pick me up for a driving lesson before the test? Does the examiner provide a car on the driving test? What distance do I need to be able to read a number plate on the driving test? What are the show me, tell me questions? What is independent driving? Will I have to do any reversing during the driving test? Can I drive on my own immediately after the driving test if I pass?

Hopefully this video will answer any questions that you have about the driving test.

All the show me, tell me questions

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You must bring and wear a face covering when you come for your test, unless you have a good reason not to. This includes if:

* You have a physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability that means you cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering.
* Putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause you severe distress.
* You need to remove it during your test to avoid harm or injury or the risk of harm or injury to yourself or others

Bring a pen for signing your name on the residency and insurance declaration.

Two car windows must be open during the driving test. One open on either side.

Taking your own car for your driving test info:

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This video will hopefully take away some of the mystery around what happens on the driving test.

This video includes:
0:00 Introduction
0:30 Correct date & time?
0:39 Driving test might not go ahead
1:13 Documents to take with you
1:53 Face covering
2:27 Warm-up drive
2:38 Arrive on time
2:50 Test centre within a business park
3:05 Test centre car park
3:04 They don't have a car park
3:30 Need the toilet?
3:40 Switch off your phone
3:55 Waiting room might be closed
4:21 Insurance & residency declaration
4:50 Driving test summary
5:14 Walk to your car
5:23 Eyesight check
6:07 Explanation of the test?
6:52 'Tell me' question
7:34 'Show me' question
8:20 Get in the car
8:48 Examiners instructions
9:05 The examiner won't say much
9:20 Different driving faults
10:05 Independent driving
10:24 Sat-nav driving
10:56 Following traffic signs
11:36 Angle start
11:48 Hill start
11:53 Reversing manoeuvres
12:45 Emergency stop
12:54 Driving test tips
13:22 End of the driving test
13:33 If you fail
14:09 Booking another test
14:15 If you pass
14:35 Health declaration
14:52 Summary report & pass certificate
15:20 I'm driving
15:31 Summary
16:16 Subscribed?

If you're learning to drive then make sure that you get professional help from a fully qualified driving instructor. This video is NOT an alternative to professional driving lessons and is only a rough guide. This video was filmed in the UK. Laws and rules in your country may vary. You are responsible for driving safely and legally. While World Driving aims to provide accurate and up to date information we cannot guarantee at any time that all the information is up to date and accurate. The makers of this video cannot accept liability for misleading or inaccurate information or omissions in information given to us by external information providers. This includes, but is not by way of limitation:
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