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The new Firebase Z Zombies amp is out and along with it new Easter Egs to find including hints to the steps for the Main Easter Egg on the map!

1. The first big side Easter Egg on the map has been discovered letting players craft the wonder weapon on the map for free. This Easter Egg is a lot more complex then the one from the previous Zombies map.
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2. A location and step for the Firebase Z Main Easter Egg has been discovered unintentionally when a location of the map did not spawn in as it was supposed to. This let the palyers see a character model spawned in on the map behind a wall revealing a location for the Main Quest.
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3. A Secret spawn location for an Intel Easter Egg has been discovered, with a small amount of time for players to actually grab it!
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4. A player was able to find a route away from the spawn of the map without opening the first door on the map!
Route -
5. A easy way to take down the huge boss Zombie of the map has been discovered using an unexpected way!
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0:00 Finally A New Map Is Back In Zombies
0:30 New Complex Side Easter Egg Found
1:05 Main Easter Egg Step Location
1:45 Important New Messages Found
2:30 New DLC Map Location Teased
3:15 Secret Intel Location Revealed
3:50 New Route Found To Skip Spawn
4:25 Easy Boss Zombies Takedown Found
5:10 Is FireBase Z Good or Bad
6:00 The Best Area Of FireBase Z
6:50 The Worst Part of The Map
7:55 All Easter Egg Unlocks Coming

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Thanks so much for watching!
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