NEW Easter Egg Baskets Added To Warzone! Easy Contraband Weapon Skins

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Alright so they've added easter egg baskets to the game which have golden eggs, picking these up will give you a contraband contract, similiar to the ones i've previously done videos on but because it's a easter event you will now be able to find the weapon skins you'd get for completeing the old easter eggs in the game which got removed! Here's a full list of every blueprint you can find that i've found in game so far.
Easter egg blueprints :
Mud Drauber, (Bunker11) ,
Firebrand (subway EE)
Enigma (Stadium EE)

Bat out of hell (striker 45)
Karbonite (EBR)
Fluid Dynamics (Kar98)

Live Event:
Bay of pigs (sks)
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