NAMALSK Railgun & Secret Lab (Athena 2) FIRST IMPRESSIONS! — DayZ

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Today we try out DayZ Namalsk for the first time, after waiting 3 years! The map was originally a mod for ARMA 2, called Namalsk Crisis in 2011, then made to work with the DayZ mod of ARMA 2 in 2012, and since then, has been a favorite of DayZ fans. It is resorted in all its glory, plus some extras in standalone. This video has an install guide, underground exploration, gauss/railgun, and more!

DayZ DZSA Launcher (to easily join a Namalsk server):

DayZ Namalsk Standalone map:

DayZ Namalsk Standalone Workshop:
Namalsk Map —
Namalsk Survival —

DayZ Editor (thanks InclementDab):
Dayz Editor —
DayZ Editor Discord —

DayZ Namalsk Standalone launch trailer:

DayZ Namalsk Standalone OST by Daniel Staff:

0:00 — Namalsk Intro
1:52 — Namalsk Common Questions
5:06 — Namalsk Install Tutorial
6:39 — Namalsk Map Tour (SPOILERS)
26:44 — Railgun Gameplay
28:40 — Namalsk Day 1 Highlights
55:10 — Namalsk Review/My Thoughts

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