My First Time Using Dado Blades! Making Box Joints, Dados and Tenons.

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This is the first time I've used a dado stack on my table saw and OH MY have I been missing out! Dado stacks are AMAZING! I'll share with you what I've learned my first time using the dado stack. I want to use the dado stack to cut dados, half laps, box joints, rabbets and tenons using my table saw. I would recommend you getting a dado stack for your table saw as well!

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*Tools used in This Build*
Freud Dado Stack:
Better Quality Dado Stack:
Box Joint Only Blade:
Expensive Digital Caliper:
Less Expensive Caliper:
MicroJig Push Block:

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*Camera Equipment Used for Videos*
Canon M50
Canon 22mm Lens:
GoPro Hero 8:
Microphone I Use:

0:00 Intro
0:42 Unboxing the Dado Stack
2:50 Cutting a Dado Using Dado Stack
3:47 Cutting Half Laps with a Dado Stack
4:02 Chirp Audio Books
5:45 Half Lap Results
6:05 Box Joints with a Dado Stack
6:56 Cutting Rabbet with a Dado Stack
7:35 Using a Dado Stack for Tenons
8:05 Dados in Plywood with a Dado Stack
9:23 Power Tip Time - Dado Insert

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