MY First 15 mins Of The Amazing New Namalsk Dayz Map 1.10 PC

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This map is strait up hardcore survival!
Insane weather and abeince effect
water that freezes ever changing new effects and so much more - you can join this server discord is below - pve planet hardcore namalsk

An abandoned post-Soviet Aleutian archipelago with a bone-chilling climate setting, with hundreds of new assets, visual effects and environmental sounds creating together a unique atmosphere. Derelict Cold War military installations, underground structures, broken up sea ice and many other unique features and points of interest.

Unique atmosphere - Experience complete visual overhaul of a legendary island, which has captured imagination of thousands across the globe. This iteration of Namalsk brings a major audio-visual overhaul to all the parts of the map.

Environment sounds and visual effects - Custom ambient backdrop alongside particle effects for various places to enhance the immersion.

Hundreds of custom assets - An unique look of the map is guaranteed by a rich library of over 400 models, tailored to fit the abandoned post-Soviet era environment.

Abandoned city of Vorkuta - Explore this vast Pripyat-like city, built on the northern side of Namalsk. Home to many, now a refuge for any Namalsk survivor out there.

Abandoned military and industrial installations - Explore number of abandoned installations, including uranium mine, research institute, hospital and number of military bases.

Underground locations - Explore a pitch black underground locations such as well known 6-floor Athena-2 underground laboratory or a railway tunnel.

Vast sea ice - Broken up sea ice around northern half of the map with hidden secrets such as an abandoned nuclear submarine.

Built for survival - Bone chilling visuals of Namalsk are meant to be played with a proper survival experience. It is recommended to use this mod together with the Namalsk Survival pack.
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