Mother Witch Challenge | Tips, Tricks, and Deck Theory

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Unlocking and Testing Mother Witch in #ClashRoyale | Vulkan Gaming
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Hi, my name is Isaac aka Code Vulkan aka 20 yr old boi from Illinois. I was a contracted CRL pro who competed in the official Clash Royale League for 3 seasons. My top 4 accomplishments include #1 in Kings Cup 2, ranking top 4 in 1v1 win rate season 1 and 2 of CRL, and finishing 20th in the world on ladder. I had my fun in the spotlight, but I retired from CRL in 2020 to finish up college while make videos part time. In this channel, I showcase the best decks and the best strategies to play the decks from the knowledge I've learned from studying the game for 5 years. My goal is to make entertaining videos and provide anyone who wants to improve with the resources they need to learn Clash Royale. Clash on.

Twitter/ Instagram @vulkanirl

DM me on facebook saying "use code vulkan" if you want to spectate me in the game and I will add you as a facebook friend since I connect my facebook account to my Clash Royale account:

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I store all of my strategy notes and decks in this discord server.

Business email: vulkan@

Intro Song: Paveł & Helucze - To The Top[Concordia Recordings]


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