Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w05b ▫ Lush Caves Are My New Favourite Thing ▫ Caves & Cliffs Update

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Minecraft has published Snapshot 21w05b, the lates Java Edition snapshot for the Caves & Cliffs Update!

This update introduces Lush Cave blocks like Moss, Moss Carpet, Glow Berries, Cave Vines, Dripleaf Plants, Azalea and Flowering Azalea, Spore Blossoms, Rooted Dirt, and Azalea Leaves! We use them to build a custom Lush Cave scene and a desert oasis.

Additionally, Copper blocks have had a name change, can now be cut using the Stonecutter, and their weathering process is now based on the randomTickSpeed gamerule. There are also updates to sculk sensors, which now detect a greater variety of sounds!

There's plenty more to these updates, and you can find the full changelog here:

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