Military Time (24-Hour Clock System) Explained for Nurses | New Nurse Tips

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Military time explained for nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals.

Many hospitals or healthcare facilities use the 24-hour clock system, also known as military time. Although military time is very easy to learn for some people, others can struggle to understand how it works.


Perhaps the most confusing part of military time is how to convert the 12-hour clock (am and pm) to military time. Also, what happens when the clock goes from 2400 to a new hour/minute?

In this video, Nurse Sarah explains how military time (the 24-hour clock system) works, provides examples, a quiz, and offers tips on how to convert from the 12-hour clock to military time. In addition, Nurse Sarah offers tips on what you can do if you are struggling with military time as a nurse or other healthcare professional.

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