If Green Goblin Survived Spider-Man? All Scenarios Explained

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If Green Goblin Survived? All Scenarios Explained
Today's video we start a brand new series off looking into alternate timelines and scenarios within films and movies. Today we talk about all possible Scenarios if Green Goblin survived In Spider-Man 2002. How would these timelines play out? You get to choice!

I will be going over my own scenarios of Act 3 of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. Green Goblin living and dodging the glider poses many questions and I will be diving deep into these Spider-Man 2002 alternate endings.

If you did enjoy this video do make sure to let me know if you wanna see more scenarios from Marvel and Spider-Man movies. I try to get to all of you're fan fiction requests so I will try and get to them asap!

What If events went differently? What If Green Goblin lived In Spider-Man 2002 how would this effect the Sam Raimi trilogy! Find out in these scenarios.

Choose your path
0:00 0 Intro
You're Path 1:11
1:47 Scenario 1 Norman Osborn Wins
6:28 Scenario 2 Peter Saves Norman
12:32 Scenario 3 Norman Breaks Peter
17:43 Scenario 4 Norman Osborn Escapes Cheats Death
(21:37) Outro/ New Series

If Green Goblin Survived? All Scenarios Explained
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