Ice Scream 3 is Spiderman Mod - Spiderman Rod

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Ice Scream 3 is Spiderman Mod - Spiderman Rod

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The ice-cream seller has come to the neighborhood! He has kidnapped your friend and neighbor Mike and you've witnessed it all…

He has frozen your best friend using some sort of superpower and has taken him somewhere with his van. Your friend is missing, and worse… What if there are more children like him?

This terrifying ice-cream seller's name is Rod, and he seems to be very friendly towards kids; however, he has an evil plan, and you need to find out where is it. All you know is that he takes them into the ice cream van, but you don't know where they go after that.

Your mission will be hiding inside his van and solving the mystery of this evil villain. To do this, you will travel through different scenarios and solve the necessary puzzles to save the frozen child.

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