How to play using War legends latest client!

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Mayhem is shutting down but thanks to War legends, we will be able to continue hosting practice and tournaments.

Everything that I explained in the video is here in the description as steps.

Firstly Go to this site :-

And once you're on the site, click on sign with epic games.

Enter your epic games details and everything.

Enter your war legends username, similar to your mayhem name, once entered, it can't be changed.

Next you need to link your discord, twitter and twitch and everyone has to do it.

Once everything is done, click on the wls client icon on the top right, and install wls client.

Once all done , you're good to go.

Now regarding how can one play tournaments using this new client.
as soon as u get an invite, it'll pop up in your notifications.

Then add your teammates using their war legend ids. Once done properly it'll say ready to play.

Now in order to access code, you have to open fortnite in background with the account you have linked, and you also have to keep replays on or you won't get the code.

Click on play to get the code & it gets added to your clipboard. You get 45 seconds to enter code and
that's basically it.
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