How could CHINA BLACKMAIL THE WEST? (And score points in the TECHNOLOGY WAR) - VisualPolitik EN

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Throughout history, humankind went through the Copper Age and the Iron Age. Right now, at this very moment, we are in the middle of the Lanthanide Age and all the trade disputes that go with it.

Perhaps the term lanthanides does not mean much to you, but it is very likely that in recent years you have seen or read some news about the so-called "rare earths". These are a set of 17 chemical elements that are becoming very important in the global economy due to their use in a multitude of technological devices. For this reason and because China is currently the world's largest producer, Beijing is moving to use these rare earths as an important bargaining chip in its international political strategy.

But how can China take advantage of its dominance of the world rare earths market? Why are these minerals so important? What alternative do the countries of the Western bloc have to Beijing's moves? In this video we answer all these questions.

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