How could a 5v4 be This Hard? - Silver Adventures - AD Thresh Top - League of Legends Off Meta

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This still has nothing on the game that immediate followed (upload soon?).

"OneShot" AD Thresh Guide Here!:


We have a discord too:

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Y'know what, I belonged here. I was already pre-tilted by the very idea of playing League at all and didn't feel too Then we start losing a Okay okay, I suck and all, but can how do do on Rengar with a pocket Yuumi?

Also this was played weeks ago, I just put off editing/uploading it in favour of the AD Thresh guide (link above!) and it's accompanying videos. There's a couple other games to follow, including Legendary game after this one.

In any case, it's cool to be back to AD Thresh, right? Even if I did troll a bit more under the impression that a 5v4 where we're quite ahead would be easier.

Thanks for reading, runes below.



Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating / Second Wind / Conditioning (Matchup dependant, just take Bone Plating if you aren't sure)
Revitalise / Tenacity (As needed)

Legend Alacrity/Tenacity


See my new AD Thresh Itemisation Guide on MOBAFire:


Stream music is by Gamechops
"Zelda & Chill"
"Zelda & Chill 2"
"Poke & Chill"

Hey, you read the description, big PP energy to you!


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