Gran Turismo SPORT- Sprint Cup - GT5-Riders - Dodge Viper#GranTurismo #PS5 #Thrustmaster #T300RS

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Gran Turismo SPORT - Sprint Cup Series - Group 4 - PlayStation 5 - PS5 - Thrustmaster T300RS - T3pa Add-on

Hello Everyone, participating in Sprint Cup Series Created by GT5-Riders! Race taking place at Redbull Ring and for the series I'm using the group 4 Dodge Viper! GT5-Riders is a discord community with good and fair drivers and they creating fun events and also an Endurance League and the Sprint Cup (for more info a out their discord check my later community posts!) hope you all enjoy! Stay safe and keep racing!

Race went well, got a 1st place at the main race and the 2nd place at the reverse Grid race, unfortunately 4 people didn't join the race and we had 1 driver disconnecting, but we still had fun and that matters!

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DIY Wooden Sim Rig
Thrustmaster T300RS
T3pa Add-on Pedals
Race Car Seat
DIY wooden TV stand
40inch JVC TV screen
NumPad as Button Box
Sim Dashboard App
Playstation 5
Playstation 5 HD Camera
Playstation 4 Slim
Playstation Camera
Playstation VR
Steelseries Arctis 1

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