Gran Turismo Sport Online 2021 FIA Manufacturer Series Round 7 Nurburgring Nordschleife with McLaren

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Another climb from last place!

Did you feel the rush in this Round 7 of Gran Turismo Sport's 2020/2021 FIA Manufacturer Series at Nurburgring Nordschleife?! I did! Haha! I knew that I if I just remained as calm as I could and kept my focus for two laps, I could climb up a few positions =) 7 positions, I climbed with the McLaren 650S!

This track was definitely the most difficult track for me to try and overtake another racer in front of me. That fear of speeding up and driving along one side of another racer and risk touching that grass on this narrow oof!

I'd definitely love to do more races on this track now. Something about tackling the Nurburgring feels so satisfying. What do you think? XD

Well, I hope you enjoy the video!
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