Gran Turismo Sport - Nations Cup Guide 2021 Season Round 5: Kyoto Driving Park Miyabi -Mini Cooper S

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This is a guide for Round 5 of the Nations Cup: 2021 Season. A time of was achieved, and was done on a Logitech G923.

This video discusses how to get a competitive lap time, along with the strategy for this race.

0:00 Intro
0:16 Lap guide (Commentary)
2:15 Qualifying Strategy
4:31 Race Strategies
10:06 Chase Cam (No Commentary)
11:06 Bumper Cam (No Commentary)

SECTOR TIMES (seconds)
1 -
2 -
3 -

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Song: Mikadi Miyabi - Rainy Day
Kyoto Driving Park Miyabi

Mini Cooper S '65
BOP OFF (100/100)
Tires: Sports Hard
Brake Balance: 1 (1 in race)
Car was NOT tuned

Logitech G923 settings
Force Feedback Max Torque: 2
Force Feedback Sensitivity: 2
Controller Sensitivity: 7 (for racing kart)
Traction Control: 0
ABS: Default (Off for karts)
All other assists OFF

I use chase cam. :)
Gran Turismo 7
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