Gran Turismo Sport - FIA Manufacturer Series 2020/21 Exhibition Series - S2 Round 7 (09/01/2021)

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Although this is the penultimate round of the season, for personal related reasons, this might become my last one of this season. With that in mind, the Nordschleife couldn't have been a better choice for me, being one of my strongest circuts in the game. Whilst a short race, my pace with the cayman was almost excellent, and with fuel not multiplied and tyre wear at only 5x, both were very generous.

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Car: Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport '16
Starting position: 6th
Tyre compound: Racing Medium
Fuel consumption: 1x
Tyre wear: 5x

0:00 Race start from bumper view
19:06 Race start from replay cameras

My stats (Updates live after each online race):

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