Gran Turismo: A Tribute to Mazda | Model Showcase

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This is a late 100-year anniversary tribute to Mazda, one of Japan's beloved car manufacturers. To show our admiration for the car brand, Redline Games and I collaborated together to create this video. A showcase of the Mazda models in the Gran Turismo franchise, from the humble Carol 360 Deluxe to the concept cars such as the LM55 Vision GT and RX Vision GT3.

BTW here's a link to Redline Games' channel:

- So, this was my first collaboration video with someone, I don't know when I'll do this again. Mainly because I want to focus on doing my own projects.
- The video idea came from Redline Games himself, I put the video together basically.
- We decided on just sticking to cars under the Mazda brand and avoided the RE-Amemiya cars since that's another brand technically. If you wanted to see them, don't worry; I'm actually now thinking of another video where I can show them off maybe.
- Right, I used the Zoom Zoom song because I thought it would fit and it's one of the first songs I think of when it comes to Mazda. Because I recall watching some of those Mazda "Zoom Zoom" commercials when I was a kid and loved them. I edited the song over the Mazda 6 section on purpose as that's the most frequent car I've seen focused from these commercials.
- The video actually started back in November 2020, but kept getting pushed back due to real-life problems between both of us. The world for some reason just kept wanting to delay this video.
- I got reminded on how silly PD got with localizing the names for certain models, which sometimes don't make sense to me. They called the Familia Sport Wagon the 323 in the US version, rather than the Protege like the other Familia models were called.
- Another oddity upon Mazda was that the 2003 Axela 23s is the only Mazda 3 in the entire series and I never saw it in Gran Turismo 4, even though it's a standard car in GT5 & 6.

Songs Used (In-Order):
1. Isamu Ohira - Pre-Race Theme #1
2. Gran Turismo 1 OST - Mazda Dealership Theme (NTSC & PAL version, repeated)
3. Gran Turismo 1 OST - Mazda Dealership Theme (Japanese Version, repeated)
4. Serapis Bey - Zoom Zoom Zoom (Japanese Version), AKA the Mazda Zoom Zoom commercial theme.
5. Gran Turismo Rock Arranged OST - Freedom to Win
6. Gran Turismo Rock Arranged OST - Final Lap
7. Gran Turismo Rock Arranged OST - Green Monster
8. Gran Turismo Rock Arranged OST - Joy of Garage
9. Nittoku Inoue - Invincible
10. Daiki Kasho - Looking for You
11. Daiki Kasho - Flow
12. Gran Turismo 6 OST - Post Race Theme #2
Gran Turismo 7
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