GMAT Quadrilaterals: 600 to 750 in 1 hour | GMAT Geometry Master Class

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In this session, we will tackle questions on Quadrilaterals under Geometry. The session will be divided into 3 gradually progressing parts:
Part 1: Concept Recap: Theory Discussion and Feedback on how to solve questions effectively
Part 2: Here, we will solve 600 – level questions using our conceptual foundations.
Part 3: We will discuss 700-750 level questions to build upon the learning we had in Parts 1 and 2 of the session.
In all, we will discuss questions, theory, and smart approaches, all with the goal of teaching you how to methodically tackle difficult GMAT-like Questions on Quadrilaterals.
As a bonus, you will get free access to 25+ Video Lessons, 7+ Webinars and 300 + Questions which you can use for your GMAT Preparation.
Let’s make this better- you will also get access to a Sigma-X Mock, which is by far the closest mock to the real GMAT. This will help you best understand your current level of preparation, leading you one step closer to your desired score.
Looking forward to seeing you in the webinar!
Till then, take care and stay healthy! Happy Learning!
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