Gems of War - E12 teams (EP8) - Greed is good, m'kay?

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Ok here we have pretty interesting deck setup which needs some careful explaining. On top slot we have already lethal Adana mythic TINA-9000. Thing is, we can use almost any troop in top slot that does true damage to all enemies. Let me explain why.

Broker of Greed might seem like useless troop, but when we take a look at the spell description, we see he gives 5 to a random skill on another ally, boosted by current gold amount, then lose all my gold. Ratio is 1:1.

Ok, so I need to have gold in order to that spell to be effective. Who do you call? I mean, you take your smartphone and ring to another Sin of Maraj troop, Greed. You might be familiar with this guy already from the OG "Key" deck. Spell goes: Gain gold equal to my life with 1:1 ratio. Greed is empowered troop when traited, so you get that gold straight away. See where I am going?

Hero uses Bronzelock Pistol. You obtain this weapon by reaching level 15 on both Water Mastery & Earth Mastery, so you probably own this weapon by now. Pistol does basic magic based damage to an enemy but it also destroys 5 random gems, boosted by gold collected, in 4:1, so it works as a very good mana generator if your gold is up at 100 or higher.

So basically you can shuffle between the hero and greedy guys when you figure out how and when to use each one of them, and add over 100 to a random stat on your tank troop. I chose TINA for this video because she benefits from basically any stat boost except Life boost. That does nothing else than adds survivability. If you get Armor boost, she adds 50% or Armor to skull damage. If you get Attack boost, you already get your over 100 damage from attack and top of that 50% from armor to your skull damage. If you get Magic boost, then for real possibly close to 200 true damage to three random enemies is just nuts! That varies of course, but anyway. I tested this with few true damage troops and basically when you get that magic boost, you will wipe the enemy deck with just one cast. This depends your global magic stat of course but even low magic users should be able to do one wipe casts. Just need to make sure the troop does [Magic + x] damage to all enemies. Scatter damage won't do the trick, so Beetrix is off the table for example when we talk about one cast wipes.

Other troops to use in the top slot: Venoxia, The Scourge of Honor, Draakulis, Crimson Bat, Euryali, and those are just the AOE true damage troops. There are plenty of troops that benefit from different stat boosts.

In the video you also see Bronzelock Pistol is such a great mana generator that I often just destroy enemies with my base magic damage without even getting that buffed magic damage. This is not the fastest deck out there, but it sure shows there are many ways to improve your stats.

Hero class doesn't matter that much, you could use whatever you want to level up. Maybe use Stealthy class to make sure your mana generator stays alive, and you could actually put hero at bottom just incase your tank dies and you have to battle with your hero and the greedy guys.

Deck mechanics:
Cast Greed to get the gold amount up.
Cast hero to gain mana to your troops. Make sure Greed gets full.
Cast Broker of Greed to TINA. You lose your gold.
At this point you might want to cast TINA, no matter what boost you got from Broker.

Repeat from step 1. The main point is to make sure that when you cast Broker, you have Gold, and also WHEN you cast Broker, make sure Greed is full of mana. This way you can always restore the gold back, and that your Bronzelock Pistol can get mana for your troops.

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