Dream Killed That Vegan Teacher...

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► Dream Killed That Vegan Teacher

So Dream Killed The Vegan Teacher, Now as You Guys Know That Vegan Teacher Was Banned From TikTok, And Ever Since Then The Vegan Teacher Has Been Desperate, That Vegan Teacher Made a New TikTok, And The Vegan Teacher Stole From Dream, She claimed Dreams Character Was Hers, So Dream Was Cancelled On Twitter, So It Looks Like Dream Has Lost It, That Vegan Teacher Is Dead, And Dream was Spotted At The Scene, Dream Then Tweeted That he did it on Twitter, TommyInnit and GeorgeNotFound also Made Tweets, So It Looks Like Dream Killed That Vegan Teacher, Now there is a chance that Dream Is Innocent, John Swan Claims He Has Proof it Wasn't Dream, So This is The End Of The Vegan Teacher, And The Dream Drama Explained

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