Digital Marketing Q&A - Hump Day Hangouts - Episode 317

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0:00 Intro and announcements

11:32 Is it possible to add a google tag manager code to google sites? I would like to add my analytics and retargeting code as well but can't find a way other than just analytics. Is there such thing as add-ons for gsite like chrome add-ons?

16:49 Do you still use ctr tools like crowdsearch? Would it be still effective if pointed to tiered sites like or the gsite?

28:13 I have a product I am selling on Amazon in a competitive wellness niche. Getting the listing page ranking on page 1 for the main search terms is going the the only way to be profitable given the high cpc on Google Ads. I'm thinking RYS Stack with the kitchen sink behind it. A couple of questions: a) Do you think using an RYS Stack for an Amazon listing is a good idea? b) What would be the best way to use an RYS Stack to power up the Amazon listing page? Can the RYS Stack link directly to the Amazon page, or should there be a T1 network between the Amazon page and the RYS Stack (as with a regular money site)?

37:53 What are some safe automated linkbuilding we can apply to moneysites aside from the ifttt rings.

43:48 Is it a good practice to build tiered links from mgyb to pressadvantage releases and org pages? If so what are some other properties that would be safe to build links to? Will this devalue the links we get or boost them?

46:08 What are the steps to setting up a new GMB account? Can I have more than one business attached to my gmail email account? I want to set a GMB up for a client, then one or more for me.

54:40 I have a list of links from mgyb "map embed" and "link building". Can I order a fiverr gig for a 1 million gsa links that will be directed to those embeds and contextuals? If not, please tell the best target for kitchen spam .

57:02 whats the best way to dominate brand serps when the brand name can has multiple variations with - in between name and spacing between the name. All profiles are mostly using the preferred name and then through org schema I have specified the brand variations but still rankings are fragmented for the other variations with some serp results completely irrelevant to the brands industry.

1:01:41 Normally offer seo packages to website but a client recently asked if I can do seo just for his gmb as he doesnt have a website. What would be a good way to price such a package. I am thinking 1 pr and batch of embeds each month from mgyb but dont want to be too expensive as they are small and only targetting a handful of areas.

1:05:34 If I m building a WordPress website from scratch, do you suggest that I purchase a theme or use one of the WordPress themes (example twenty seventeen). My reason for asking is that in your video on building silos, you made mention of using plugins that can customize the widget for posts etc. Would these plugins work on a theme I bought or is it better to use one of the standard wordpress themes to build my site?
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