Demon's Souls Walkthrough - [07] - 2-1 Smithing Grounds (PS5 Remake - No Commentary)

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This is a walkthrough of the remake of Demon's Souls on the PS5 without commentary. In this video I'm walking through level 2-1 Smithing Grounds in Stonefang Tunnel. Each video is broken down into smaller chapters, so that you can easily find the part which you are interested in.

Make sure to use a weapon that can do piercing damage; this will make the level a lot easier. You can buy a Long Sword for 1500 souls from the Dregling Merchant in level 1-2. You can farm the upgrade materials at the start of level 1-2. If you upgrade the Long Sword to +5 and have about 16 Strength, you can one-shot most miners with the R2 attack. You can even upgrade your sword to +6 at this point if you are willing to put in the time. For +5 you will need 25 Hardstone Shards and 4 Large Hardstone Shards. The Filthy Man at the start of the level sells Hardstone Shards for 500 souls a piece, but the Large Hardstone Shards need to be farmed.
You can do the same with a Winged Spear+5 (requires Sharpstone Shards instead of Hardstone Shards). You can also upgrade the Winged Spear to only +4 and don't put any extra levels in Strength if you wield it with two hands. There are more weapons that can do piercing damage that might work just as well, but I haven't tested them.


▬▬ Main path ▬▬
This path leads to the area where you will find the boss of this level, the Armor Spider.

Notable finds:
00:09 - Crystal Lizard (1)
00:32 - Filthy Man
06:10 - Pickaxe
14:58 - Crystal Lizard (2)
16:53 - Steel Shield
21:49 - Poison Resistance Ring
24:06 - Kris Blade

▬▬ Side path 1- 01:07 ▬▬
At this path you can activate an elevator where you can pick up some loot.
► Hostiles: Fat Official, Scale Miner x2
► Loot: Crushing Battle Axe+1, Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, Renowned Warrior Soul

▬▬ Side path 2 - 11:46 ▬▬
This path is important as it will activate the second elevator, creating a shortcut to the boss. Also, you can visit Blacksmith Ed who can do special upgrades and later can make weapons out of demon's souls.
► Hostiles: Scale Miner x4
► Loot: Clearstone Shard, Crescent Moon Grass x2, Renowned Hero Soul, Unknown Hero Soul

▬▬ Side path 3 - 15:32 ▬▬
This is a short detour where you can grab the Great Club which is useful for level 4-1. You need to roll over the wooden planks. If you run or walk you won't make it. Once the planks are destroyed, you can't retry it until you've reset the level.
► Hostiles: None
► Loot: Great Club, Unknown Warrior Soul x2

00:00 - Main Path [1] - To the first elevator
01:07 - Side Path 1 - Picking up various loot
03:28 - Main Path [2] - To the first fog door
09:58 - Main Path [3] - To the second fog door
11:46 - Side Path 2 - Activating the shortcut
13:58 - Main Path [4] - Killing the Crystal Lizard
15:32 - Side Path 3 - Picking up the Great Club
16:33 - Main Path [5] - Dousing the lava
21:30 - Main Path [6] - To the boss room
25:29 - Boss Battle - Armor Spider

► Soul Level: 20
► Class: Knight (Male)
► Build: 21 END / 20 STR (other stats default)
► Weapons: Long Sword+5, Kite Shield
► Armor: Plate Helm, Coat of Plate, Plate Leggings (no gauntlets)
► Rings: Providential Ring, Cling Ring

► Armor Spider's Trophy: Defeat the Armor Spider.
► Sage's Trophy: If you defeat the Armor Spider and touch the Archstone afterwards, you get the Hard Demon Soul. With it, you can buy the Fire Spray spell from Sage Freke or the Ignite spell from Yuria the Witch later in the game.
► King of Rings: Poison Resistance Ring (21:49)
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