Demon's Souls Remastered PS5 - Fool's Idol Boss fight

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Hey Hunters, today we will take on the 3de Boss on Demon's Souls and this is happening on the Prison of hope mission. Probably one of the most confusing maps in the game
But here we will face the Fool's Idol

So how do you take care of her??
Strategy: Before you enter the boss room of Fool’s Idol in the Prison of Hope area of the Tower of Latria make sure to climb the tower on the right side of the boss room entrance. Walk to the very end of the hallway and kill the praying enemy there. If you don’t he will keep reviving the Fool’s Idol all the time and make her impossible to defeat.

During the fight itself Fool’s Idol will teleport and create clones to trick you off. The real Fool’s Idol will shoot thicker Soul Rays so that’s a way to recognize her. Watch out for magic traps she sets on the floor which will stun you when you step on them.
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