Demon's Souls Remake PVP: Casca Goes Berserk With The Knight Sword.

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Demon's Souls Remake PVP : Knight Sword Showcased by Casca
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Today we have a special guest, Casca of the band of hawks from berserk, joins the fight and shows us her skills and abilities in hunting down slayer of demons. Oh it took quite some time to make her look very similar to the 90s had a lot of fun using this weapon however, I kind of miss the weak damage output of my older weapon showcases haha. I started liking having some music in my videos, kinda kills the boredom of just having to hear the grunting of characters. Let me know what you think, I like to know your opinions on it and I will adjust accordingly
SL 40-50 Knight Class, the knight sword is probably one of the best straight swords in the game, it deals so much damage, I went with the Moon Knight Sword, so it wouldn’t be overkill, but some choices that could fit really would be blessed or Crushing Knight Sword and applying cursed weapon for deadly damage. Other than that, rune shield+5, talisman of beasts, cling ring and strength ring for that 90-magic resistance 17 endurance to fit some good armor, high vitality around 27, and the is rest up to you, if you going for strength build or magic/ faith invest into them.
Songs Used.
C-Four by Deskant
British Royalty by Trailer Worx
Refined Enlightenment by Howard Harper-Barnes
I am Unbreakable by Niklas Johansson.
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