Demon's Souls Remake PVP : Broken Sword Wielded By The Dregling Lord.

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Demon's Souls Remake PVP : Brokensword Showcased by The Dregling Lord
The Latest Demons Souls Remake PVP Build
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Today Showcase is different, I tried to make more of a story and cosplay as the dregling father, armed with his slave shield and bombs. Think again before you kill those dreglins, he might come after you.
This PvP was just using Broken Sword on SL 20-40 where all the stats go into vitality for more survivability. Items used Pine Resin and Black Pine Resin. Slave Shield and Broken Sword.
Songs Used
False Desire by Deskant
The Farewell Serenade by Howard Harper-Barnes
The End of All Things by Niklas Johansson

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