Demon's Souls PS5 - SL1 No Hit Run (no leveling up, no hits)

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What is harder than a Demon's Souls no-hit run? You guessed it, doing the same run without any leveling up! In this so-called "SL1 No Hit Run", Hob beats the entire game with his starting stats and without getting hit by any enemy or boss. The run happened on December 3rd 2020 and actually happened during a charity stream! Kids, this is for you! don't listen to what Hob

For the bet, this means Hob is now at 9/12! Only three more games to complete before the end of the year. If he won't make it, Hob has to shave his hair and eyebrows and get a chat-chosen tattoo. It's fine, there's still plenty of time, right? Right?

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Demons Souls
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