DEMON'S SOULS PS5 REMAKE FULL WALKTHROUGH | Part 6 - Leechmonger Beat and Into 4-2 The Ritual Path

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This is a 100% complete walkthrough / Platinum Trophy guide through the PS5 Remake of Demon's Souls geared towards veterans of the series.

This time we take on Level 5-1 Depraved Chasm. It is a very confusing level at first but not too bad once you get the hang of it! We then vanquished the boss of the level the Leechmonger. Afterwards we headed to 4-2 The Ritual Path and make our way through one of the game's most challenging levels!

If you are a newcomer to the series I suggest checking out my other walkthrough for Demon's Souls where I spend a lot of time breaking down and explaining the mechanics of the game in great detail:

Goals of this walkthrough are:
1) Explore every area, kill every boss
2) Get the loot
3) Fully delve into NPC quest lines
4) Engage every World Tendency and Character Tendency event including Pure White and Pure Black events

By following this guide you will get a fully comprehensive experience through Demon's Souls Remake in a reasonable amount of time.

Outro Music: RichardEB - Flamelurker theme
Demons Souls
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