Demon's Souls Full Platinum Walkthrough - 09 - Underground Temple (2-3)

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Welcome to my full platinum walkthrough for the Demon's Souls Remake.

In this series of videos I'll walk you through the entire process of getting the platinum trophy in this amazing game. There will be commentary throughout so you will know what to do at all times.

In the ninth part we continue on to the end of Stonefang Tunnel to take on our first Arch Demon of the game, The Dragon God.


Road to Possibilities - Give the Searing Demon Soul to Blacksmith Ed
Fists of Legend - Vanquish Dragon God with the Hands of God
Dragon God's Trophy - Slayer of Demon "Dragon God"

01:27 Road to Possibilities (Trophy)
09:23 Dragon God's Trophy & Fists of Legend (Boss Fight)

All items picked up during the video:

00:00 Crystal Lizard
01:27 Road to Possibilities (Trophy)
02:40 Dragon God (Boss Fight)
04:37 New Moon Grass x2
05:34 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes x1
06:08 Crystal Lizard
08:01 Master's Ring x1
08:38 Legendary Warrior Soul x1
09:23 Dragon God's Trophy & Fists of Legend (Boss Fight)
10:40 Nexial Agent x1, Pure Dragonstone x1 & Dragon Demon Soul x1
11:05 Dragon Bone Smasher x1
12:02 Clean Up

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