Demon’s Souls Builds: Death Cleaver Guide (Beginner PvP)

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Demon’s Souls Builds: Death Cleaver Guide (Beginner PvP)

In this Demon’s Souls Remake Build Guide, I’m going to be covering my Death Cleaver Build, which is a PvP Build that does staggering damage very early on in the game, allowing you to often one or two shot most hosts. If you like to invade other players and you want to do so very very quickly with a high chance of success, then this Beginner PvP Build might just be what you’re looking for.

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0:00 - Death Cleaver Build
0:49 - Death Cleaver Starting Class
1:11 - Death Cleaver Starting Tips
3:25 - Death Cleaver Stats
4:30 - Death Cleaver Equipment
7:32 - Final Tips

The Death Cleaver Build uses a combination of the Dozer Axe, high Strength and good mobility to catch hosts off guard by the unusual moveset of the Dozer Axe. Many of its attacks have hyper armor, allowing you to continue through with your swing even if struck in the middle, which is simply not the case with many other Weapons in Demon’s Souls.

Additionally, you can use this setup from the lowest levels of the game, often allowing you to kill hosts before they’ve even had a chance to put their Build together. This Build is a bit trollish to be sure, but it can be a ton of fun, and it has a pretty good success rate if you know what you are doing. It might not be as OP as invading with Soulbrandt or Northern Regalia, but the Build comes together much more quickly.

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