Demon's Souls All Ceramic Coin Locations & How to Get the Penetrator Set (Secret Door Opened)

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Demon's Souls All Ceramic Coin Locations & How to Get the Penetrator Set - In this video, I am going to teach you how to get the Penetrator Armor Set in the Demon's Souls Remake. This set is exclusive to the remake and can be obtained only by collecting enough Ceramic Coins and trading them with Sparkly the Crow. +Coin and +Tendency are very useful pages!

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0:00 - Penetrator Set Location and Rusted Key
1:19 - 1 Pure White, Gates of Boletaria
2:26 - 2 Pure White, Inner Ward 1
3:15 - 3 Pure White, Inner Ward 2
3:43 - 4 Pure White, Tunnel City
5:12 - 5 Pure White, Prison of Hope
6:11 - 6 Pure White, Island's Edge
7:15 - 7 Pure White, Swamp of Sorrow
8:41 - 8 Pure Black, The Lord's Path
9:10 - 9 Pure Black, Inner Ward
10:00 - 10 Pure Black, Smithing Grounds
11:27 - 11 Pure Black, Prison of Hope
12:37 - 12 Pure Black, The Ritual Path
13:25 - 13 Pure Black, Swamp of Sorrow

Your objective will be to obtain 26 Ceramic Coins, that are found in Fractured Mode only. There are 7 coins in Pure White Tendency Fractured mode and 6 coins in Pure Black Tendency Fractured Mode. This means that you need to do 2 game cycles to collect 26, then approach Sparkly the Crow at the Shrine of Storms and trade to obtain the Rusted Key.

Head over to Inner Ward (aka 1-3) and take the side gate from the entrance as if you were going to rescue Yuria. Instead of going toward her, take a right at the first intersection and roll through some barrels, then attack a false wall. This will reveal the door and, if you have the key, you will be able to go in and get the Penetrator Set.

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