Demon slayer swap au reacts|| spoiler warning || tangiyuu || read desc before watching the vid||

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Who swapped with who

(There isn’t a specific reason for who swaps with who)
Sabito swapped with tanjiro and giyuu swapped with nezuko, mitsuri, uzui and gyomei swapped with the 3 sisters from the butterfly mansion, inosuke swapped with makomo, zenitsu just became a hashira and not swapped with anyone, shinobu swapped with kanao, kanae didn’t swap with anyone, sanemi swapped with genya, rengoku is swapped with senjuro and rengoku is now the younger one, obanai swapped with obanai, muichiro swapped with yuichiro.

About the au

So at first tanjiro and nezukos family dies first and same with giyuu they were sent to urokodaki-san, they met inosuke with urokodaki-san. Like sabito and makomo, inosuke and tanjiro died, so nezuko hid her emotions as well, giyuu and sabito are just friends but were very close since the beginning, and sabito and giyuu’s family lived together, so a demon killed sabitos family and left giyuu to become a demon, so it’s kinna like just everyone’s back story got swapped. And I’m too lazy to write more so that’s all

I won’t give credits rn, but once I gain motivation I will find all the tiktoks and put the link in the desc
Demons Souls
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